I was notified of an opportunity to win a *scholarship* to the IDEA 08 conference in Chi-town.  Oh, excitement…I sent off a paragraph to the IAI folks explaining how this conference could augment my learnings.  Yes, I would even skip class and stay in a [hopefully clean] hostel.

(There was a time when a few friends picked up some kind of scabes or chiggers or lice in a hostel in Nice, so I have a healthy skepticism.)

The lineup looks just fantastic, and is truly and completely relevant to what I’m currently studying and experiencing at the School of Info.  For instance, the founder of 37Signals (Jason Fried) will be there to discuss their focus on providing ‘just enough’ features along with elegant design.  Their product Basecamp is widely-used among the various student groups here.

With luck, I’ll be camping out with a bunch of 20-year-old Germans at the downtown Chicago hostel in a week and a half.


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