Survival and Entrepreneurship

I was talking to a friend last week about his ‘Entrepreneurship’ class at U of M.  He was saying that the professor is always telling them to have an attitude, get sassy, buck the system, think independently, etc.  Reason being: those who succeed as entrepreneurs tend to be mavericks (how has this word suddenly become owned by McCain? Anyway…) who are leaders, who don’t follow the pack…you get the idea.

The idea reminded me of a book I gave my brother last year – Deep Survival: Who Lives. Who Dies. And Why. by Laurence Gonzales.  Gonzales outlines some of the major characteristics & traits of people who survive against all odds, and one of them is the ability to think independently and clearly in an emergency.  Here’s an article on that gives more detail.  And check out the 12 traits of survivors – good to know in case your cessna goes down, and they might translate to surviving in the business world as well.


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