GROCS project – poor GROCS project.

Well, we did not get funding for our project.  It was called Helping OUT – Helping Older Users of Technology, and we wanted to create a learning tool to help older people learn how to use search engines.  We thought our proposal was very strong, and we had a fanstastic faculty advisor in the wings who was willing to share his research facility (lots of experts and equipment like eyetracking devices) with us; I think probably our ultimate downfall was that our team was too homogenous (3 of 4 are HCI in the school of information.)

At least some of us might pursue some kind of funding to get the project off the ground for next semester.  We think our project meets an actual need & addresses an actual problem, and hopefully we’ll have a chance to get our sleeves dirty.  Or roll up our pant legs and jump in the puddle of search.


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