Illustrator, you are now my friend

I have had this mental block about using Illustrator for quite some time now.  At some point I downloaded a free trial, opened it, and spent about 5 minutes allowing myself to be confused by the interface…from that point on I thought I just ‘didn’t get it.’

Well, those days have gone the way of the…mini fashion backpack.  I have used Illustrator to create something about which I am proud, and it didn’t even take long.

For a class project, I created a wireframe-y piece of a fictional shoe website that displays a chronological, user-generated content feed:

wireframe of community page

it makes me happy to know i can create things like this wheneva i want.

This is the new me, my actual self.  I love making stuff.  What have I even been doing the past 10 years?  Not making enough stuff.  Thanks Illustrator, and thanks Chris Hanrath for helping me come up with this design.


One thought on “Illustrator, you are now my friend

  1. I’ve felt really similarly empowered by taking the Graphic Design class. If you ever want to get together and learn more Adobe stuff, that class has taught me a lot, and I think it’s fun so I’d be happy to share! Mostly it just forced me to sit down and have a reason to be graphically creative. I recommend that you take it next year if you have room in your schedule.

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