My parents now email from their phones

So my dad, who is one of the largest technophobes I know, now reads and sends his emails from his new Blackberry.  My mom, who is an ‘early adopter’ type, has spent the last week configuring her new iPhone, switching from AOL to gmail (praise the lord, hey-oh!) and reading and sending email using her phone.  

I, a lowly, thrifty grad student, still use my phone only for talking.  That’s so ‘last year.’ 

What am I trying to get at?  My parents are ahead of me in the gadget race!  So are all of their friends…it’s typical for any one of their friends (most 60+) to whip out their iPhones at dinner to display pictures, check the weather, or even look up an obscure fact.  They say things like “oh e-mail me and let me know what time to meet for dinner.”  It makes me feel like a wooly cave-girl who has just happened upon a race of technically advanced robot elders. 

But really, I’m proud of them for making the effort to keep up with the times, and hopefully I will someday know the ways of their people.


One thought on “My parents now email from their phones

  1. just a follow-up from my mom:

    “Speaking of techno crap, I had another 2 1/2 hour session with apple support yesterday evening and everything is finally working right! I felt like I’d been though a war–I actually was on the computer from noon until 7:30 trying to get my iphone to sync with itunes and my photos. I worked with two different guys and they were just as patient and professional as the girl I worked with last week. I can’t say enough about how great they are! I had speaker phone on, so Dad heard a lot of it and he was very impressed as well. Whew–glad it’s over though, and I can just get on with life without that hanging over my head everyday!”

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