Open Source Design at Mozilla

Today I attended a web-based lecture by John Slater (MozCreative on twitter), creative director at Mozilla, on the open source visual design process. This was part of Mozilla’s spring design challenge lecture series.  Mozilla has used a participatory design process in their recent logo and web redesigns; they’ll often solicit designs from the community, post them publicly, and then refine them by getting feedback on their blog/website. It’s a really interesting method – check out this example of the Mozilla Mexico logo that came out of this process.

John also showed some iterations of the beautiful website as they were in the middle of refining the designs; and right now, Mozilla is working with an outside company on the redesign of (which is aimed at the mozilla developer community). The company who is managing the redesign, happy cog, has created a website about this redesign project – Here you can see current design ideas and make comments on them.  This community feedback is at the heart of Mozilla’s initiative; they want their design processs to be both transparent and collective.

Mozilla has a few design initiatives that are still in the works but that promise to be exciting for the design community.  They hope to form the “Mozilla Creative Collective,” which will be a central hub for designers; the Creative Collective would give designers more exposure, help them make contacts and improve their skills, and give them access to design challenges.  Basically, said John, it’s an open source approach to visual design that can leverage the power of the design community.

Check out John’s awesome blog:

Speaking of visual design, another Mozilla designer, Sean Martell, designed the below logo for all of us who are participating in the design challenge:




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