Orbitz’s response to my tweet

So, I’ve had a terrible time getting a refund from an Orbitz flight I booked early last fall.  The refund totals nearly $900, and I’ve now been waiting 4.5 months for the cash.  It’s a slightly confusing situation involving international airlines (Liat), but the bottom line is that Orbitz told me I would see the money in 2-3 months – and then after 3 months had passed, it turned out that the paperwork was ‘lost’ on the international carrier’s end.  Blah blah, it’s a sob story that is seemingly without end, but yesterday I posted the following tweet:

i will think hard before booking with orbitz again. #still_waiting_for_my_refund

Within 3 hours, I received the following from an orbitz rep on twitter:

OrbitzGal @katiemccurdy Hi there, saw your tweet. Have you taken your trip already?

I have to say, it felt good to get some notice in twitterspace; but ultimately, I was still at ground zero with Orbitz’s customer service, which is where I’ve been countless times in the past three months.  They say they keep notes on my account about recent conversations, but it seems to take about 20 minutes of being on hold before I end up talking to the right person. I’m hoping something productive will come of all this, but in the meantime, I want to productively vent by offering suggestions to l’Orbitz.

Suggestions: use phone number recognition to bring up the customer’s profile before you answer the phone.  Don’t repeatedly ask for name and zip code each time a customer is transferred between internal departments.  Put ‘alerts’ on customer accounts, such as ‘transfer to supervisor immediately’ to avoid wasting my time while you (you, orbitz customer service representative) come to the same conclusion on your own.

And finally, Orbitz needs to man-up, front my refund, and put the heat on Liat airlines to pay them back.


One thought on “Orbitz’s response to my tweet

  1. My wife was unable to make her flight this past December due to a severe winter storm that closed all incoming routes to the airport, including the Interstate, which was also closed for 2 days afterward. Her airplane ticket and insurance purchase was through Orbitz and their cohort in deceit, Access America. According to everything we read, the insurance and rider covered our situation. It soon became obvious that Access America is just a front for Orbitz to scam the public out of excess money, with little or no intention of honoring their payment. We are quite disillusioned with Orbitz

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