Hey, don’t put that picture on Facebook

Last night I attended a ‘prom’ party that my school put on.  They rented out a bar, and everyone was in costumes for the 80’s & Space theme; there was a Richard Simmons, a Robert Palmer dancing lady, lots of giant prom dresses with hideous bows and lace, and even a pair of moon boots.  When you’re dressed up like the 80’s version of a future space traveler at the prom, the inhibitions are out the door.  

I took some interesting and somewhat damning pictures thoughout the night, and at least three people approached me to ask me not to put certain incriminating, embarassing, or unbecoming pictures of them on Facebook.  This seems like a trend.  But it’s just not reasonable at events like these to go around to everyone who took pictures and ask them not to put embarassing pictures of you up on Facebook.  There’s got to be another way!  

So here’s the solution that I worked out this morning (with the help of Nick Perez).  Facebook will someday develop the capability to be able to recognize the faces of all of your friends.  It will know who is who and tag them automatically.  Now if you had a wild party night, you can instruct Facebook to wait before posting the pictures that include you  – you can screen the pictures and approve or deny them.  Denied pictures wouldn’t be posted at all.  

I’m wondering if this process would have any negative social repercussions.  If someone denied your picture, could you just blur out their face and trick the face recognition feature?  Would denying others’ pictures create hostility?


Walk like an Egypt-SHUNNN

Walk like an Egypt-SHUNNN



miles in the middle!


it's all about the music

it's all about the music


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