Interaction10 Global Student Competition entry

mibo, our application's main character

mibo, the main character of our application

Over the holiday break, I created a process book to enter into the IxDA’s Interaction10 conference student competition. The book details an interaction design project that my group and I worked on last semester; we designed a mobile application called ‘mibo’ that encourages people to walk.

Download the process book (2.1 mb)

If you’re interested in reading more, our team website documents our process (though a bit less succinctly than the process book.)  Our final presentation is also available on vimeo; in it we give a brief overview of our project and discuss our usability testing results.


2 thoughts on “Interaction10 Global Student Competition entry

  1. Very interesting and original concept. I like it a lot. This reminds me of Wii fit (loosely speaking) with the lovable character design.

    My question is when your group designs this app, are you specifically targeting Google-based handsets?

    In my opinion, if your group come up with a different character design (a more neutral base), I think this would be a great app for many smart phones on the current market.

    Good work!

  2. Hi Billy, thanks for the comment. We did design the app with Android devices in mind, but we think it could/should be extended to other devices/systems as well. We would move beyond the droid bot character to something more neutral, as you mentioned, and we have even thought of offering an array of characters that users could choose from.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

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