Podcast with Jeff Parks and other UX students

At the Interaction 10 conference in Savannah last month, I had the wonderful opportunity to record a podcast with Jeff Parks and three other students from HCI and design schools. The podcast was sponsored by experience design agency Mad*Pow and publisher Morgan Kaufman.

If you’d like, check out the podcast!

Here is the synopsis from the Mad*Pow site:

At Interactions 10 in Savannah Georgia, students from around the world discuss their projects and insights about the future of design along with the strengths and weaknesses of the design community.

Anahi Bagu, Vincent Steurs, Katie McCurdy, and Laura Rodrian share several experiences and design projects including:

  • A mobile application that would help the elderly more easily find public transportation which in turn would help the environment.
  • Embracing the diversity of experiences with those who haven’t taken the traditional academic channels to become designers and draw inspiration from these individuals.
  • The desire to take on a leadership role and mentor high school students about what they are learning at college.
  • The need to down-play “rock star” mentality of some and the hope that the biggest names in the design community will take a proactive approach to helping them in their careers.

With future leaders like these, the design community is in great hands…but only if we listen carefully and act accordingly.

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