Cathartic diagramming post-Medicine X

The hazy days post-Medicine X, as I have written about, were emotionally turbulent. I felt dazed. I had just experienced a potpourri of positive and negative experiences and thoughts, and I knew I needed to sort some of it out in my mind.

I finally had a chance on the plane back east, and I started by taking out a blank piece of paper and simply writing out the emotions and feelings and thoughts I’d had during the conference. Because I’m a bit compulsive about organization, I started grouping them into categories. As I wrote, I found that tears were falling down my face, and not only about the sad or scary things, but also about the love and pride I felt for my fellow e-patients. The process of writing down and organizing my thoughts helped me make sense of my feelings, which has always been the case for me; I have to write to really understand myself.

And then…I bought the symbolicons icon set from my friend Jory, and I decided to make a digital version of my mind map with his icons representing the categories. I’m including it here for your perusal.



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